Reach Out

Media Campaign

The Reach Out campaign was a third-year student project that aimed to create long-lasting change for adolescents.

30 percent of Australian Teenagers meet the criteria for anxiety disorder by the age of 18, and this number is rising exponentially. The ‘Reach Out’ campaign strives to empower adolescent Australians to begin conversation surrounding anxiety. One of the main challenges that arises within this demographic, is their inability to understand they are encountering a problem, and therefore are less likely to seek help. The campaign addresses this problem by identifying early signs of anxiety disorder, and encouraging conversation surrounding the topic. The branding and graphics were curated to create an approachable and calm tone. The print poster campaign helps in identifying the problem by highlighting relatable scenarios where adolescents might be anxious. The stickers aspect of the campaign aims to help anxious adolescents identify those that are willing to talk and support their peers. All of these aspects of the campaign culminate to create the Educators Kit, which is to be implemented into classrooms at schools. The kit includes stickers (to be handed out to the students and teachers), an informative flyer (for teachers and students to read), and the posters (to be put up in class).

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