Advertising and Graphic Design

Kizuna was a collaborative student project which entailed developing an environmentally friendly “Design collective”. Within the collective, we were tasked with creating a concept for an environmentally friendly alternative to an already high waste product. We chose to develop a fully sustainable and decomposable alternative to plastic delivery packaging.

The mailer is produced using traditional paper-making and waterproofing methods, of which all of the materials come from the earth. By taking influence from Chinese mulberry paper making practices and Polynesian waterproofing techniques, Kizuna produces a product that is a completely decomposable, yet durable alternative to the standard mailer. My role was to orchestrate the campaign that would be promoting the product. This included developing strategy, tag lines and visuals. My market research concluded that highlighting the brands commitment to sustainability was our main selling point. Our product is made from completely sustainable materials, and I felt that the best way to emphasise this, was to show it in the environment that it comes from. 


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James Walker is a multi-disciplinary 

designer-maker from Sydney, Australia.


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