Publication Design

GfA Elektromaten is a full-range supplier of drive systems and controllers for industrial roller shutter doors. Initially founded in Germany, GfA has expanded internationally, with locations in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

I was approached by GfA Australia to design and create their 2022/23 technical catalogue. One of the key insights discovered from market research was that the GfA brand was considered too complicated when compared to their competitors. Consequently, the solution commanded, a simple, elegant, and minimal design outcome. One of the main challenges that arose from this approach was finding a balance between displaying the required, detailed technical data, without being too overwhelming to the customer. Working collaboratively with engineers, we achieved this balance by prioritising the use of white space surrounding large sections of data, using even and consistent spacing, and eye-catching graphics.

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James Walker is a multi-disciplinary 

designer-maker from Sydney, Australia.


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