Homewares Design

The Femme Vessel is a porcelain homewares design. It’s intended use is versatile, ranging from a vase, carafe, or decorative piece. This piece is one of 5 vessels that I designed in my 3rd year of university.

It’s production involved a process of slip casting a 3D model in order to achieve a satisfying, even and symmetrical form. The original form generation was inspired by table coral (Acropora) as I explored the exponential curvature often found from it’s species. I also explored subtle curvature of the human form. I decided against any pattern or glaze on the outside, as I wanted the porcelain to be the main feature. I also wanted to emphasise the curves and shapes, and I feared that too much colouring or patterns would take away from these forms. I was inspired by the subtle curvature and simple colouring of Tina Vlassopulos, who often explores similar forms. 


James Walker is a multi-disciplinary 

designer-maker based in Adelaide.




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