Evolve Med

Identity Design

Evolve Med is an online Telehealth business that specialises in providing care for children with serious neurological illness.

The brand needed an identity that appealed to parents, evoking a sesnse of security and reassurance. My process began with brainstorming symbols or images that could be involved in the graphic mark. One of the key insights gained from the interview process was that the logo needed to appear friendly. I decided to apply a child-like style of imagery to convey this sense of innocence. Considering that the business name gives no indication of its area of speciality, I felt it was important that the logo gave a general idea. Consequently, I used symbolism of a brain. The logomark of the child and parent was developed with the hope that potential customers could relate to the figures. A gradient of purples was chosen, due to its reputation as the colour for neurology.

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James Walker is a multi-disciplinary 

designer-maker from Sydney, Australia.


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