Furniture Design

The ‘Basalt Set’ is a modular collection of stools that can be arranged to form a coffee table.

The idea was inspired by the tessellating forms in the pebbles a bushwalking track. I have always been intrigued by tessellating forms and it has been a common theme in many of my works, so I wanted to understand how and why these forms are often found in nature. After learning about the process of reaction-diffusion, I used Processing’s Worley Noise to create and generate completely unique reaction-diffused shapes. The manufacturing process involved creating and using a 3D model made in Fusion360 to calculate and cut the precise angles on the CNC machine. The set is made from 18mm spotted gum solid-engineered panels. The name ‘Basalt Set’ is derived from the famous Basalt Pillars found around the world, notably the Giants Causeway in Ireland and sea columns in Tasmania. 

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James Walker is a multi-disciplinary 

designer-maker based in Adelaide.



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